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A Collection of Experiences


by Marjan Oakeson, Director


Some years ago I heard a talk about defining moments--simple experiences that shape or change our lives.


One of my defining moments began on an annual holiday trip to the Salt Lake City Trader Joe's to purchase boxwood wreaths for the doors and windows of my home.


My senses are always awakened by the fresh scent of the boxwood, pine, and lavender made into wreaths, garlands and mini trees. I love the cool, crisp winter air outside the door of the store and the vivid red poinsettias lined up to welcome in shoppers. It's one holiday shopping moment that I cherish.


This particular year, after choosing the perfect wreaths I stood in the rather long checkout line. In an effort to pass the time, I focused my attention on a display of greeting cards placed near the registers. It wasn't the first card that drew me in, it was a card back in the pile whose illustration was captivating. It had no inside message, just an illustration.

Marbles Farm was in the beginning planning phase.  A few ideas on paper and a head full of ideas waiting to come to life. The illustration on the card spoke to me--the picture was clear...this is Marbles Farm!


A few weeks later the talented illustrator Rebecca Jones was found halfway around the world in Australia. We purchased the rights to use her "Imagine" illustration for Marbles Farm.


This is not just an illustration, it is a metaphor of who we are and what our desired outcome is for the children who experience Marbles Farm.

By the way, Rebecca is also the creator of our mascot, Mr. Marbles, the goat.

Kids in Stream-May 2019.jpg

Marbles Farm is a collection of purposeful, but not perfectly defined experiences.

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