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Did You Take Your "Vitamin G" Today?

Children grow by leaps and bounds and it's important that their diets include the vitamins and minerals needed to support growth and development.

According to Frances Ming Kuo, a researcher documenting the positive link between nature and human health, and social and psychological functioning. "Green environments are an essential component of a healthy human habitat". Kuo summarizes various research studies that show humans benefit from exposure to green environments (forests, gardens, parks etc.) and conversely, people with less access to green places report more medical symptoms and poorer health overall.

"VITAMIN G" (G for GREEN) captures nature's role as a necessary ingredient for a healthy life.

Evidence suggests that, like a vitamin, contact with nature and green environments is needed in frequent, regular doses.

The benefits of active outdoor play in green environments are profound. Research shows that children who spend significant amount of time outdoors each day have the following attributes: have better social skills, are more attentive, have fewer infections, have fewer conflicts, exhibit better brain function and memory, develop better language skills, have better life skills, and demonstrate greater development in concentration, play, creativity and physical development.

At Marbles Farm, connecting children with our naturalized outdoor experience environment provides a daily dose of "green" trees, shrubs, perennial plants, vines, and edible plants for children's enjoyment and healthy development. We invite your children to Marbles Farm for a daily dose of VITAMIN G.

(Source - Natural Learning Initiative -

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