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The Benefits of Nature-based Learning

Highlights of an article that appeared in Cleveland Magazine.

  • The natural world is alive with spontaneity and unexpected lessons at every turn. Unlike predictable games, the surprises a young learner discovers outdoors promote problem-solving skills, scientific and mathematical exploration, language and preliteracy skills.

  • “The first time children go out into the forest they are tripping over rocks and roots,” describes Audrey Elszasz, founder of Laurel School’s Outdoor Pre-Primary program on its Butler campus (complete with a yurt). “Eventually they are like little billy goats running up and down slippery slopes, coming back to the bus with muddy faces and rosy cheeks.”

  • “The natural world is one of the most complex environments a young child will ever navigate,” she points out. “Exploring the natural world with teachers who are planning that navigation is wonderful for children’s brain development.”

  • Outdoor classrooms and other nature-based learning experiences boost academic performance, according to a study by the American Institutes of Research. Students in outdoor science programs improved their testing scores by 27 percent.

At Marbles Farm, nature-based learning is paramount. Rain or shine, the children will enjoy daily outdoor experiences as well as indoor learning experiences such as cooking, art and much more.

To read the entire article, click here.

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